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After your petition is approved, your fiancee must obtain a visa issued at a U.S. Embassy or consulate abroad. Your fiancee must remain unmarried until the arrival of the fiancee in the U.S. The marriage must take place within 90 days of your fiancee entering the United States. If the marriage does not take place within 90 days or your fiancee marries someone other than you (the U.S. citizen filing the petition), your fiancee will be required to leave the United States. Until the marriage takes place, your fiancee is considered a nonimmigrant. A nonimmigrant is a foreign national seeking to temporarily enter the United States for a specific purpose. A fiancee may not obtain an extension of the 90-day original nonimmigrant admission.

If your fiancee intends to live and work permanently in the United States, your fiancee should apply to become a permanent resident after your marriage. (If your fiancee does not intend to become a permanent resident after your marriage, your fiancee/new spouse must leave the country within the 90-day original nonimmigrant admission.) For information on applying for permanent resident status while your new spouse is in the U.S., please see Becoming a Permanent Resident (Immigrant) While in the U.S. Your new spouse will initially receive conditional permanent residence status for two years. Conditional permanent residency is granted when the marriage creating the relationship is less than two years old at the time of adjustment to permanent residence status. For more information, please see Removing Conditional Resident Status (from Marriage).

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For many Koreans dating is with one thing in mind: marriage. This is true for both parties, it seems. Upon meeting single Koreans (guys and gals), especially since I am married, I invariably get the request to introduce them to some nice person. It's quite flattering at first, but then you get to notice a pattern here.

Koreans are often introduced by friends, relatives and (in rarer cases now) matchmakers. They are so busy studying (when they're younger) and working (when they're older) that they have little chance to mix-and-mingle--and when they do go out on the town it is usually in same-sex groups or with relatives or co-workers (which, it seems, are off-limits).

If a date is one-on-one it is called a so-gay-ting (weird name) and if double ot triple dating it's called a mee-ting. Before a first date (or 5 minutes into one) each party will likely know the other's (i) graduation year and school (and job and title), (ii) birthday, (iii) family and religious background (including father's job), and likely (iv) salary and (v) goals. This is one of the few areas that Korea is extremely efficient in.

They usually meet at a trendy cafe and exchange vital information. After that, if things go well, future dates ensue. If not, that is it. Very matter-of-fact (and rather an oddity here, given Koreans penchant for high emotion--e.g., football matches). Parents then, usually, cover the wedding and help set up the couple and off they go to make a family.


A K-1 visa is a United States nonimmigrant visa benefiting fiancees and fianceees of US citizen petitioners. The Application is made by the petitioner in the US on a USCIS form I-129F filed by mail at a USCIS Regional Center. The Applicant must provide detailed information and supporting documentation to establish that both parties are legally free to marry, have met each other, intend to marry, do not have disqualifying criminal histories (so-called crimes of moral turpitude), and proof of identity and citizenship. Recent changes to the Law also limit the number of petitions a Petitioner can make, and the Petitioner must not have a criminal history of sexual or partner abuse. Other recent changes in the Law also severely limit the role of marriage agencies in the introductions, and any involvement must be disclosed.